EM projects

Here some projects shared by the community.

Since 2015 Universities, institutes of research and experts are including the EM approach within their research works (thesis, PhD projects, research projects, professional works etc...), their involvement has contributed to the development of the method itself and also of the Framework (EMF).

The spread of EM is due to its versatility and interdisciplinarity. Using different solutions (graph, color map and geometries) EM allows to scientifically map and represent sources and reasoning carried out during a virtual reconstruction project. The method permits to collect, connect and inspect data from different datasets (graphical documentation, 3D models, bibliographic sources etc...).

Hereafter is a (partial) list of closed reconstructive projects, in a chronological order, where EM has been used to carry out virtual reconstructions of archaeological contexts.





The forgery of Montebelluna (Veneto, IT)

The necropolis of Banditaccia (Lazio, IT)


Amba Aradam, Metro C Station (Rome)

Villa fuori Porta Marina (Lazio, IT)


The Great Temple of Sarmizegetusa (Romania)