EM Framework

Extended Matrix Framework (EMF) is part of an Open Source ecosystem where different tools are shared with other communities.

EMF empowers EM with several digital tools:

alongside the Extended Matrix, over the years, a technological framework, based on a range of open software, has been developed that allows this language to be easily developed and, through the representation of virtual reconstructions, helps to bring archaeological study to a level of enhancement for the public.

While EM is the theoretical and methodological background, usable even outside a digital environment (an EM can be sketched out on a sheet of paper with a pencil as well as with a software tool), EMF includes digital solutions and software platforms (which can substantially change in the future if relevant technological innovations occur). 

EM is about scientific-driven content creation, EMF is about technological-driven solutions. 

Every version of the EM has an equivalent EMF digital framework identified by the same number (at present EM 1.3 has its EMF 1.3).

Tools available in the EMF 1.3: