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Name: Extended Matrix Method

Date of birth: 2015

Definition: Open Source method, developed by the DHILab (ISPC, CNR of Rome) and the Extended Matrix Community, which aims to visually map and represent both the scientific workflow and the reliability status of a 3D reconstruction

Status: stable release v. 1.3 (v. 1.4 under development)

EM in a nutshell

The concept of the Extended Matrix (EM) was formalized by Emanuel Demetrescu, at the CNR of Rome within a Ph.D project, with the intent of mapping the reliability of a 3D reconstruction.

The method was conceived as an Open Science approach, with relevance to: 

The EM method was elaborated as a formal language, with rules and symbols, to be used for mapping reasonings and data used during a 3D reconstruction process.

The Extended Matrix Framework (EMF), the entire ecosystem realized around the EM, includes functional software solutions suitable for

Today, the EM is developed at the CNR of Rome (Digital Heritage Innovation Laboratory - DHILab), by E. Demetrescu, and it is employed in several reconstructive projects.

Since 2020 an international community has been created (the Extended Matrix Community) for supporting activities such as: development of the method, integration of the EM within different field of research, update of the documentation, dissemination, support etc..