e-Archeo project

Proxy models and representation models

Project e-Archeo (Ales SpA, on mandate of the Italian Ministry of Culture-MiC) aims to present a selection of Italian archaeological sites, significant for their cultural origins, types of settlement-urban development and narrative potential.

For these reasons eight archaeological sites, distributed all over the Italian territory, have been selected (from north to south): 

A web site has been created with the aim to collect all the information referred to every archaeological site and describe their history. 

For each archaeological site a specific section present: a presentation of these settlements (origins and history), images of the most significant and well preserved contexts (public and private buildings, also necropolis), virtual reconstructions, and others multimedia contents (images and videos).

For this project, EM was used to map the reliability level of all the 3D reconstructions which have been shared online using a 3D web viewer.


Project web page: https://e-archeo.it

Pietroni E., Menconero S., Botti C., Ghedini F. (2023), e-Archeo: A Pilot National Project to Valorize Italian Archaeological Parks through Digital and Virtual Reality Technologies. Appl. Syst. Innov. 2023, 6, 38. [DOI: 10.3390/asi6020038ects]